Ein paar Worte über uns.

We design and produce events based around experiences and oriented towards the development, cohesion and enjoyment of people, teams and organizations.

Located in Barcelona, AMFIVIA specializes in the consulting and production of corporate events based around experiences. Cultivating and participating in honest and quality relationships within the sector has let us grow as individuals, develop our team, expand as a company, create networks and tackle multidisciplinary projects.


•Enthusiasm to ensure genuine experiences
•Feed and grow quality relationships
•Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy
•Values, integrity & respect


•20 years working together
•Multidisciplinary team & Trusted network
•Integrated in local Convention Bureaus
•Solid trust and reputation


•Quality standards
•Add value


•Collaborative culture

Where do we come from?

Somebody told us once we are an unusual species of amphibians.

The core promoters of Amfivia come from the world of education, sports and physical outdoor activities. Before our happy coming together, our professional lives were spent in schools, sports clubs and working for Natural Parks in Catalunya, UK and USA.

We originally came together in 1996-1997 with a project connected to adventure sports that brought together education, active tourism and included boosting tourism during the summer months of various municipalities and a ski resort in Catalonia. We dared, succeeded, failed, learnt and grew.

After this experience together and other numerous adventures and learning projects, we decided to rethink our position as a team and focus all our “know how” into corporate events. We founded AMFIVIA OUTDOOR EVENTS MANAGEMENT, S.L. in 2005.

What is our mission?

“Be your confidence partner”.

We get up every morning because we adore what we do. But above all, we love the chance this project offers to learn, to grow and to meet and collaborate with new and interesting people from all around the world in each program we are involved.

Our statement is to contribute to the acceleration of our clients development by designing and organizing meaningful experiences which strengthen and empower people and teams. We boost changes by intensive learning experiences or we simply allow them the time, freedom and context to have a great time together. We believe team harmony feeds a virtuous circle that leads to greater relationships, fulfillment and growth. Development of individuals precedes the development of teams and organisations.

In Amfivia we believe that success in organizing events is based predominantly on individuals who take on responsibilities and make it a personal commitment to implement them. It has a lot do with serving an idea, serving others and the continued growth of individual skills. So, success in undertaking complex and ephemeral acts such as corporate events is based in a well-organized team of talented and committed individuals.

Teaming up with all the parties involved in the management and production of an event requires the development of the right climate, clearly establishing the objectives, working creatively, focusing on results, having clear roles and responsibilities, supported, resolve disagreements, communicate openly, assess the effectiveness, but above all  integrity, enthusiasm and respect.

There is always a better way to do things in order to achieve your objectives, that is why we keep on moving. How we act is more important than what we say. You give us the opportunity and we will make sure that it’s worth it.

What is our vision?

BEING STRATEGIC: DNA, added value, accelerate

BEING ENTREPRENEURIAL: vitality, talent & innovative

BEING COLLABORATIVE: culture & reputation, committed, harmony

BEING SUSTAINABLE: efficient, secure, profitable, social & ecologic

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