How to contact us?

We are open from monday ’till friday  between 9.00 and 18.00 hours.

We love talking, so the easiest way to contact us is give us a call and we will start talking about your project. But if you prefer it, another option is to Contact us via our email and it will be transmitted immediately to the right colleague.

If you need a quick quote, we invite you to click on”Build a quote“. By answering some basic questions you will allow us to understand better your needs and we commit to give you an answer to all the requests we receive in less than 24hours.

Where are we located?

 Our office and warehouse is located at the city centre, in Gracias’s neighbourhood in Calle Legalitat, 8. Don’t hesitate to visit us if u are around!


Who we are

We have been organising events since 2000. We consider ourselves local experts, authentic, reliable and inspiring. We are a multidisciplinary team coming from different areas which let us complement positively for giving positive and different point of views of a project.

We are focused on satifying all the parts of an event: participants, clients, suppliers and to our team as well. We have a colaborative culture, so that’s why we care about confidence partners in order  to continue developing future projects together.

What can you achieve with our Team Building activities?

Teamwork is one of the most important causes of success. So that’s why we work hard for giving you the best of the experiencies.

We design activities focus on 4 skills that will launch your team to a better production and harmony:

  • Communication
  • Solving Problrms
  • Creativity
  • Confidence

What can you achieve with our Outdoor Training Programs?

We empower your people, strengthen your teams and develop project. We co-create and produce workshops and inspirational journeys with the objective of creating value and accelerate change to the organization’s human capital. We provide individual and group offsite experiences which question concepts, procedures, attitudes and patterns. These experiences demand intellectual and some physical effort, decision-making and initiate productive conversations in order to gain insights, both qualitative and quantitative that can be used as learnings in a professional context.

We design inspirational tailored programs through unique experiences that are located in a significative context for the whole program.


Why us?

Our statement is to contribute to the acceleration of our clients development by designing and organizing meaningful experiences which strengthen and empower people and teams. We boost changes by intensive learning experiences or we simply allow them the time, freedom and context to have a great time together

We deliver what we commit to and we do it transparently. We have learnt from our mistakes but also from our success.

We are clear that we deal with services and not products, so that’s why we organised them with love and detail using inspiring locations which match concepts with unique experiences easily to adapt to the professional environtment.

In what locations can we add value?

We are specialists in Barcelona and Catalunya, but at the request of our customers we have also developed events at different locations all over the world.

What about the budget?

We are skilled in reaching budget agreements with our clients. Two simple concepts really help us to make matters easier: Being aligned concerning purpose, objectives, procedures and resources. Being transparent on budget parameters, which allows us to be both creative and realistic.

How far in advance should you start planning an event?

Having the time necessary to find availability in the preferred dates in the desired location and with the trusted suppliers will help us to supply a sharper service and obtain better rates. So, the sooner the better. Anyway, don’t worry we are used to working against the clock.

How many events does AMFIVIA produce in a year?

In recent years, we produce an average of 70 annual events. With a turnout of 10 to 1,000 people in different types of events, customer profiles and with a diversity of budgets.

What are your favourite experiences?

We enjoy organizing motivational events for large groups in the city of Barcelona, in developing centres of interest, the content and the logistical challenge of carrying them out. Also, due to our background, we are passionate about experiential travel in natural and rural settings. But social programs and those related to the change and inspiration of individuals and teams are also especially rewarding. We love them all.