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 Re-Actiu!® benefits

DISINHIBIT. Invites participants to see, think and grow in a different environment than usual by enjoying locations, activities and situations that provide experiences.

REWARD. Learning from experiences. Recreational component. Satisfaction.

SOCIALIZE. Encourages conversation, respect and trust as a vehicle for communication, commitment, construction and growth among and with the team.

INSPIRE and ANCHOR. Use of singular venues in synchronization with the varied content and programme experiences. The environment becomes a learning fixative.

TRANSFER. Reflection and transfer of learning to real life.

FACILITATE. The management of the team for the leader and the relationship with the leader to the team. Personal development.

INVITE. Consent to the unexpected, the unpredictable and the spontaneous.

INERTIAS. Take advantage of the synergies and inertia generated once the program comes to an end.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]