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Crossing the main entrance of Sol i Vida, a non-profit organization based in one of the green hills that surround Barcelona, feels like falling into Wonderland. This secret paradise with sea views is full of flowers and huge pine trees, hens and rabbits, cabbages and lettuces. “The guys are happy here. I did not want to see my son working in a dark factory for his whole life and decided to start a social project”.

Everything changed 10 years ago, when Josep Maria’s son Oscar was diagnosed with Williams Syndrome. After school, Oscar had no chances to engage in meaningful jobs to develop his high social and creative skills. His family was however determined to build a happy and fulfilling life for his son. Sol i Vida was born in 2012 after Josep Maria invested all his money in it. “…and all my holidays and weekends!”, says Oscar’s dad with a large smile on his face. Oscar and the other workers of Sol i Vida grow ecologic vegetables in the fields that surround the house. Each partner of the association has a piece of land and they receive once a week at home their own cropped fresh products. “We turn seeds into something edible, into a lunch or a dinner, and the guys working the allotments are responsible for this process. They feel part of something important and this is what gives sense to our daily work”

Together with Patricia, Josep Maria has created a culture based on shared values and purpose. “Money is only valuable when you make something meaningful out of it. Money should not be only a one-way-exchange, but a way to connect different parts of our society in order to achieve common goals that benefit all parts”.

Working together with Sol i Vida

When we started talking with Josep Maria about Sol i Vida, we considered the many possibilities such an environment (location, people involved and purpose) could benefit Amfivia and Sol i Vida itself. Together, we designed a collaborative plan based on purpose, trust and teamwork that would be achieved in three main projects: first, we would cooperate with them by sponsoring one of their allotments; second, we would rent the natural space surrounding the house to organize experiential training and celebrations; third, we would collaborate with them by designing one team building experience called “Captain Lettuce”: a meaningful training workshop that challenges teams to build an organic garden for Sol i Vida’s social cause.

On our daily business, we tend to have three main parts involved with whom we co-create the experience: the client, the partners or/and suppliers and ourselves, Amfivia. Cooperating and collaborating with a partner such as Sol i Vida means that the money we invest for the location goes straight to a social cause we support and gives, therefore, an extra value to the activity itself. The money returns and has a positive impact on our local community, as well as reinforcing the relations within the members of our confidence network.

Key Facts

  • Partner name: Associació Sol i Vida
  • Field: Non-profit organization
  • Based in Barcelona
  • Foundation: 2012