RESERVE, a Self-Storage (Storage rental) operator together with our colleagues at PH5, asked us to conceptualize the opening ceremony of their new facilities in Sant Just, a new, clean and fully equipped building offering the most advanced technology in the sector.

The aim was to organize an event that fulfilled three purposes:

1. Opening Party
2. Introduce the brand new location
3. Communicate unabashedly the benefits and operation of the service.

Meeting the demand and the peculiarities of a building for these uses, we divided the spaces into different areas with the primary objective of ensuring safety and the attention to the incessant flow of participants. In order to minimize the feeling of waiting to get inside the various floors of the building, the elevator spaces were energized by actors.

Outside, a unique and fun welcome was provided by actors with comical roles and a live DJ.

The first floor was orientated towards information and commercial communication for interested visitors and organized itinerary visits to the storage rooms and operations were offered.

On the second floor, in what at first glance appeared to be another informative itinerary, the participants found the storage space occupied by actors who after opening the door, offered a mini interactive show transmitting the multiple functions and benefits of the RESERVA service. Half activity, half show using the singular structure and corridors of this floor.

On the upper floors family activities were offered such as a magnificent Circus Workshop and a Segway ability Circuit built from boxes and other elements of corporate RESERVA packaging.

The party ended outside with music and vermouth.

Key Facts

  • Incentive
  • Event: Opening Celebration “Reserva”
  • Theme:
  • Place: Sant Just – Barcelona
  • 2.000pax