Key Facts

  • 2/3 hours
  • Indoor/ Outdoor
  • Interactive rally
  • Min: 20pax / Max: +1000 pax


Exploring of a surrounding






Problem solving


The experience

Tech Hunters® by Amfivia is an exciting team building rally that allows to turn any possible place into a playground. 

Our Tech Hunters® challenges participants to complete a route while overcoming creative challenges specifically designed for every checkpoint. Equipped with iPads, teams will have to show proof of their creativity and talent to reach the first position under the watchful eye of our Big Brother, live entertainer and supervisor of the game in real time. Tech Hunters® by Amfivia will allow teams to:

  • Explore a new surrounding game based: challenges and tests will take place in the most interesting and beautiful spots of the route.
  • Compete in an interactive way, inter and intra teams: supported by their iPads, each team will be able to follow other teams’ results in real time, which will allow the design of funny online attacks or support strategies to others.
  • Communicate in real time with the Big Brother, in charge of the scores and activity’s live entertainer.
  • Test teams’ creativity: pictures, videos, hidden talents, tricky puzzles… In Amfivia’s Tech Hunters®, imagination plays the main role!
  • Customize the experience to your image and preferences: from quizzes based on your company to supporting RSC projects. Ask your project manager about the many options we can offer!

Choose any surrounding: we will make it worth it!


Very good mix of culture and fun! Challenges were perfect to discoer Barcelona and reinforce the relationships within the team. I would definitely recommend Amfivia for a team building activity.

Denis MercierYLLY

I would recommend Tech Hunters for the creativity of the challenges and the interactivity of the App with the Big Brother

Coline BassyTA SPAIN

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