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Team building with social engagement

A collaborative team experience with social and sustainable engagement: this is Captain Lettuce, our outdoor team activity that challenges teams to plan, build and plan an ecologic vegetable garden in the lands of Sol y Vida, a non-profit association from Barcelona that supports young people with intellectual differences.

Farmers for a day!

After a short transfer from Barcelona’s city centre to Sol y Vida, our staff gave a briefing on basic concepts and techniques of planting, as well as activity phases and guidelines. Once we divided the team of 40 members into smaller groups the challenge was presented: within an hour, teams were given the tasks of planning an allotment and plant organic vegetables on it: delicious lettuces, chards, courgettes, celery, cabbages and beetroots. Afterwards, they also had to build an automatic watering system and create a beautiful scarecrow to keep hungry birds away!

Supported by the workers from Sol y Vida and our staff, each team planned a strategy and shared it with the others, that together build the allotment, the watering system and the scarecrow. Communication, personal engagement, team work and creativity were the key of success: the organic garden looked, only after one hour of hard work, fresh and delicious! Thanks for your trust in the Sol y Vida project and Amfivia. We hope you can enjoy your organic veggies very soon!

Key Facts

  • Incentive
  • Teambuilding: Captain Lettuce – Plant your organic garden!
  • Theme: Half day activity
  • Place: Associació Sol y Vida, Barcelona
  • 40pax