RE-Actius!® are HR interventions in the form of Intervention Units (IU) or Development Itineraries (DI) aimed to:

  1. Mobilize and inspire individuals and teams.
  2. Becoming aware of one’s own potential.
  3. Generate value in human capital enriching the relationship between individual-company-team. Empowering people to strengthen teams and to develop projects.
  4. Share and align vision and strategy.
  5. Improve the management of the constantly changing environment while focussing on quality and efficiency. Approach every day challenges from other points of view.
  6. Demonstrate and promote significant aspects such as commitment, enthusiasm and confidence as they are bidirectional values between the leader and his team and essential to understanding each other. Aligning, developing and managing the talent individually.
  7. Extract learning from the unplanned situations in the program.
  8. Influence in the culture, values and corporate reputation.
  9. Naturally implement and promote the human aspect that exists behind the business.
  10. Accelerate processes. The future is not what will happen but what is happening.


Providing individual and group experiences through concepts, procedures and attitudes and demanding intellectual and physical effort, decision-making, the overcoming of difficulties… in order to gain, both qualitatively and quantitatively, experiences susceptible to reinterpretation.

“’Every theory is killed sooner or later by experience”. Albert Einstein