• The Re-Actius programs!®, are designed and focused on efficiency, without the fireworks.
• They present a down to earth, functional and human approach.
• We co-create with the organization programmes that allow time and space for reflection and strategic conversation and cooperation and opposition experiences.
• They are designed, implemented and evaluated jointly by all stakeholders in the process.
• To take advantage of the project, all the elements involved in the process will be able to communicate the right message and have the capacity to seduce. Everything has a reason.


AMFIVIA will guide you through the 6 stages to design, construct & exploit to the full your experience:

  1. Identify motives, needs, expectations & final objectives.
  2. Develop and sequence content, dynamics and processes.
  3. Selection of scenarios and management of economic resources.
  4. Agree workspace features, accommodation, transport and F & B.
  5. Level of integration with the environment and the social and territorial.
  6. Assessment and Action Plan.

”You can’t undo a knot if you don’t know how it has been tied”. Aristóteles


Our team consists of facilitators and logisticians in equal parts connected both with the content and production. Professionals from different disciplines related to human resources, consulting, teaching, sports and outdoor programs.

• Our facilitators bring the experience, tools and framework. They co-create the program with the leader of the organization and accompany him/her on the development process and design all of the subsequent actions.

• Our logisticians provide the necessary resources for the achievement of the objectives and to maintain synchrony between the group’s evolution and the environment (transport, accommodation, locations, F & B, activities, security …). They allow participants to be focused in the content and provide confidence and solutions to the challenges of working outdoors. The art of scouting, anticipation, the small details, dedication to service, the pleasure of work well done.